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Download the O'Care App

Click Download, or scan the QR Code

How do I install O'Care

This video guide explains how to install O'Care and create a new account!

How do I use the O'Care app to conduct a measurement?

This video guide explains how to conduct a measurement by sending your user profile to your wireless Oserio smart scale!

How do I link results with other healthcare apps?

How do I add multiple users to one account?

How do I reinstall O'Care?

What should I do if O'Care doesn't display correctly on my phone?

Please try updating your device's operating system to iOS 9 / Android 4.3 and above and try again.

Why am I unable to connect my Oserio product with my device?

1. Confirm that you've created a profile in the O'Care app
2. Go to Bluetooth Settings and remove your Oserio scale from stored devices
3. Shut down other programs running in the background
4. If you've been using your Oserio scale for over half a year, it may be low on batteries, which can affect data transfer. Please insert new batteries and try again!
5. For Android 6.0 and above devices, GPS functionality must be enabled for wireless transfer